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            Input for Research and Development

               Technology center possesses complete research organization and devices with variety functions.

               10 millions more RMB accumulatively input for technology center. 6 millions extra RMB spent on all devices which includes ROHS tester .X-RAY .three-D .LED spectrophotometer etc.


            Comprehensive Capability of R&D

            1.Perfect software and hardware platform ---circuit diagram & PCB are modularly designed by ALTIUM and PROTEL 99 software. Technology and processing experience accumulated through classic case sharing from technology center members
            2.Using of 3D component library &3D improved design efficiency and speed.
            3.Independent developed PBA of washing machine , refrigerator board mainly , simultaneously developed control board of indoor/outdoor air conditioner ,smart bathtub, air purifier , humidifier, LED driver board and other various electronic products.



            Demonstration of part new developed PBA

            1.TFT color LCD with animated touch screen


            2. Intellectual electronic apparatus ---Remote controlling through smart phone APP & WIFI


            3.Design and applications of low power switching power supply
                It extensively used in drum & frequency conversion washing machine;
             Wide voltage power supplied products. High energy efficiency and low power consumption also greatly reduced the volume and weight of power unit

            4. Insulate design of touch switch :
                Higher security---protection circuit used in conditions of  over/low voltage

            5 .PBA designed for different clients

            A)  Impeller type washing machine :


            B) Drum washing machine :

            C)PBA used for A/C , refrigerator , inverter , bathroom & illumination productions


            D) Electronic diagram & designed module


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